Bucks Fizz said it best: soon you will find that there comes a time, for making your mind up. After being dumped by Charity following the revelation he was the father of Chloe’s baby Reuben he attempted to win back his new wife which has so far failed and Charity now wants a divorce.

Next week, Mack continues to assure Chloe he’s over Charity. But she’s conflicted when he asks to spend the day with her. Feelings bubble as Mackenzie and Chloe return from their day trip and the pair head upstairs.  The next day, when Mack appears keen to embrace their situation, Chloe does her best to disguise her delight.

Soon, Chloe’s frustrated when Mack’s reluctant to tell Charity about their new relationship. There’s pandemonium in the pub after Charity reveals she slept with Caleb. Jealous and upset, Mack squares up to Caleb. Whilst Chloe’s hurt by Mack’s reaction she offers him an ultimatum: her or Charity. Who will Mack choose?

Emmerdale airs these scenes from Monday June 12 on ITV1

By Eastieoaks

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