From the moment he arrived in the village Caleb (William Ash) has played a clever game and won the trust of most people including Kim Tate (Claire King). However, while Kim might have been seemingly won over by his smooth talking her husband Will (Dean Andrews) was no so quick to trust him.

With the truth bombshell about his identity about to drop like a plane on the village Emmerdale spoke to Dean Andrews about if he thinks Will is capable of murder…

Will had his suspicions about Caleb from the start, so is he now thinking, ‘I told you so!’

“Will always did have suspicions and reservations about Caleb. I think Will loves Kim so much he was just looking out for her best interests and will be happy that his suspicions have helped alert her to the plans in order to try and stop him rather than being the “I told you so guy”.”

How is Kim processing the revelation, and how do she and Will cope with it as a couple?

“I think Kim will think long and hard next time someone tries to get close. As a couple I think it’s confirmed to her that Will both cares and looks out for her. So I think it’s cemented their love.”

Will feels protective over Gabby, does he think of her as another daughter?

“I think Will is a caring man deep down and looks out for those close to him. Gabby is one such person and he’s already said he thinks of her as a second daughter so yes for sure.”

What are his movements at the time of Caleb’s fall – and what is his motive for attempted murder? 

“Will is really angry about how Gabby has been treated by Nicky and blames Caleb. Will says he was drinking at the Woolpack when Caleb was pushed. He’d have happily pushed him I’m sure after all he’d tried to do to Kim…. But he’s innocent yer Honour 😉

Will has a chequered past – so is he more than capable of murder?

“After being in prison for 18 years I’m sure he’s capable of many things…. Cross his family and you’ll pay the price!”

How do you feel about being a suspect?

“It’s nearly a “badge of honour” to be in the frame! Let’s just hope it’s not him!”

Emmerdale airs a big week from Monday June 12 on ITV1

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