Done crying after Lola’s death in EastEnders, no nor me, and just a week later soap land opened the floodgates again with Juliet in Hollyoaks next to die from a cruel illness marking the end of another great character with masses of protentional.

While the scenes were beautifully played out, I don’t want the aftermath to be total trash by having Peri and Romeo together except in a supportive way. The spoilers already stating that grief pulls them closer.

The theme of the week in Emmerdale was daddy issues, Caleb trying and failing in a big way to get one over on Kim, Paddy and Bear clashing over Mandy and another family member for Charles as his dad was out of prison. #Yawnfest2023

A few months ago Chas made it clear to Paddy, after their split, she’d see who she wanted and when. Here we are again with Paddy laying down the law to his dad after he got the wrong end of the stick with Mandy. News flash Paddy 2 single adults can kiss who they like and you don’t get a say in this.

Over in Coronation Street we finally got to see creepy Justin sentenced in the opening of Monday’s episode which was odd as we just had a solid week of court room drama, much like Harvey, I give it 5 minutes before he finds some escape plan and appears to cause more chaos.

Ryan’s whole catfishing story isn’t a bad one just stupidly the plot was given to Daisy who we as viewers have spent months wanting justice for over the stalking and constant harassment from Justin and before Corrie wrapped that plot, she’s playing mind games with Ryan, even more cruel when you consider he’s been horribly injured trying to protect Daisy. Also, I love Daisy and Daniel as a couple that this whole kissing plot bores me senseless – you can love a character, but this feels like going OTT at this point.

Misery upon misery in Coronation Street (Picture: ITV)

Meanwhile, Sarah’s big secret was out but not before she tried gaslighting her own son, 7-year-old Harry, into keeping quiet – Harry isn’t stupid and even drew a picture of Sarah and ‘the other man’. It was only 12 months ago we had Lydia stalking Adam and Sarah turned her back on him.

“If you’re looking for sympathy, you’ll find it in the dictionary,” (Sarah Barlow, 2022). “Between ‘shame’ and ‘syphilis’.”

With the spoilers released that Sarah will soon find out she is pregnant another ‘who’s the daddy’ plot is sure to keep us watching for the next few months. This was about as obvious as a massive neon sign flashing ‘pregnancy incoming’ the moment this storyline before, even more so when Adam was already wanting a child, watch the child turn out to be Damon’s just for an added kick in the teeth.

That tired old soap trope, who’s the daddy? (Picture: ITV)

I couldn’t be bothered with tuning into EastEnders much over the last week to share my thoughts on it, sorry.

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