Amy encourages Chloe despite misgivings.

Vinny has a plan

Jai and Laurel are worried they cannot afford to visit Australia which results in fiction under their roof.


  • Amelia (Miss Teen onlyfans 2023) Spencer
  • Amy (whines a lot) Wyatt
  • Archie (probably due a recast) Breckle
  • Arthur (not sure what the plan is with this character) Thomas
  • Belle-of-the-ball-Dingle
  • Caleb-deserved-to-be-shoved-off-a-cliff-Miligan
  • Charitable-Dingle
  • Chloe-could-do-better-with-men-Harris
  • Dan-not-as-boring-as-he-once-was-Spencer
  • David-should-have-been-bumped-off-Metcalfe
  • Jai (yawnnn) Sharma
  • Jimmy-we-three-King
  • Laurel (probably gonna have a relaspe soon) Thomas
  • Leyla-100-lines-Cavanagh
  • Marshall (why is he still around) Hamston
  • Muchfrenzie-Boyd
  • Nicky (great actor shame about the character) Miligan
  • Reuben-the-least-annoying-character-Harris
  • Sarah-the-only-sensible-one-in-the-family-Sugden
  • Tom (pointless,character/return/plot – pick your choice) King
  • Vinny (deserves to be happy – stay clear of caravans) Dingle

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1

By Eastieoaks

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