When Jai makes a mistake whilst booking a holiday on a website it gives Laurel an idea.. It could have been a sign? Before long, Laurel gets down on one knee and asks Jai to marry her. With her proposal delightfully accepted they soon happily discuss the correct order to tell people their news. Jai realises he needs to retrieve his divorce certificate so heads to find his legal documents. Searching he dislodges the contents of an old box and discovers an official document among the miscellanea. A closer look reveals something is not right.

Belle admits that she is worried about Zak’s deteriorating condition, and encourages contemplative Tom to befriend Vinny. Attempting to bond with him, Tom has an idea after seeing a piece of scrap while visiting intrigued Vinny at the yard. Vinny heads off for a cinema trip with Naomi.

Amelia’s pleased with her new ring light at the Salon but Mandy reminds her to continue to promote the salon within her makeup tutorials. With a positive response for her newest video Amelia is elated and eager to please her fans.

Gabby is frustrated to discover Nicky plans to continue living in the village with Caleb. Brave-faced she issues Nicky a warning.


Jai is still deeply upset regarding his discovery and loses his temper at work. As an ex addict Laurel is worried how he may react and implores him to talk to his parents.. When rambling Rishi arrives, he is oblivious to Jai’s rising ire. Finally exploding with anger, Jai reveals he knows, leaving Rishi aghast. Jai’s incredulous at his dad’s weak explanations as Rishi covers, clearly lying through his teeth and utterly fails to tell Jai the truth.

Dan is furious to discover she has been missing college, but Amelia stands her ground resolute she is going to continue with her site to make money. Noah too is concerned how much Amelia is prioritising her social media. She tells him to be supportive or not be involved at all.

The chemistry sizzles in the cafe between Wendy and Liam. He’s on his laptop whilst Wendy does her best to hide her enthusiasm as she orders from Rodney. When an enthusiastic Lydia muscles in having got wind Liam is writing a novel and grabs the opportunity to hear more, jealous Wendy heads off. Later, outside the Woolpack, Lydia continues to pitch Liam a narrative twist for his novel. Her tale cuts rather too close to home to an arriving Wendy who is jealous to see Lydia giving Liam writing advice and breaks up the little party.


Caleb wishes he could fix things for his son who is still upset regarding his relationship being over with Ally. A little while later, Caleb presents his son with a present and Nicky lets his defences drop a little. Bonding with his son Caleb promises that time will help Nicky heal and grow.

When Jai discovers Manpreet has known the secret since their marriage. He’s furious and forces his father away.

After being given the cold shoulder he realises he needs to win her back round and offers to help her with her college work. They reconcile and all is well until Noah sneakily peeks at Amelia’s very active phone notifications, and is horrified by what he sees. Amelia is angry by his interference. When her father Dan returns home, Noah tells him what he has seen. She argues back emphasising her ability to handle these inappropriate requests and puts Noah on notice.

Bob presents Wendy with a gift whilst Bernice and Bob fight their attraction as they try to keep their relationship professional. Later as the three discuss a barbeque idea for the B&B over lunch, Wendy is distracted by Liam and his latest writing. When he surreptitiously but deliberately leaves some pages behind Wendy is quick to swipe them. Bait taken! With her hot to follow him with the pages – Liam is getting exactly what he wants from Wendy.


Victoria is bemused to witness some sparky banter between Bob and Bernice. Meanwhile passion is building at the surgery. Meanwhile, Victoria picks up on the banter between Bob and Bernice and is suspicious something is going on between them. Soon Victoria casts her aspersions to panicking Bob and Bernice is furious to overhear Bob, grasping for an excuse, tell Victoria how Bernice is still in love with Liam. Before long, Victoria checks in on Liam to gauge how he feels about Bernice. But his dishevelled look and Wendy’s handbag on the sofa raises her suspicions. Before long, Victoria confronts Wendy she knows about her affair and Wendy implores her to keep it a secret. Will Victoria keep schtum and can Wendy call a halt to their affair at the behest of Victoria?

Amelia is angry at Dan for confiscating her phone and laptop. Sarah tries to mediate between Noah and Amelia. A man arrives at the salon, claiming to be a customer, but he watches Amelia with an intense and greedy interest. Soon he blindsides her by revealing he’s Lloyd, her top subscriber to her page. Amelia is perturbed – she thought the subscriber she’d been speaking to was a woman. Lloyd demands one on one time with a frightened Amelia and traps her inside. Fortunately, Mandy returns but Amelia, once calmer, insists she’s not getting her dad involved. But with Lloyd’s messages continuing to stream in..and a written note from him, Dan is alerted to Amelia’s predicament. They realise Lloyd knows where they live. Dan intends to take action with the police but distraught Amelia insists she doesn’t want police involvement.

With an engagement party planned Jai still can’t escape his turmoil and oblivious Archie heads out on a secret mission to find his absent grandfather. Will Rishi’s arrival help or make things worse?

Nate is happy to be home with Frankie. But it’s ringing alarm bells for Cain who is convinced his son is hiding something.


When Lloyd manages to get hold of Amelia’s phone number – Dan puts his foot down and calls the police. The police arrive but will it work?

Wendy has a decision to make.

Nate makes a mysterious phone call, unaware intrigued Cain has hung back to listen.

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1

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