Victoria is bemused to witness some sparky banter between Bob and Bernice. Meanwhile passion is building at the surgery. Meanwhile, Victoria picks up on the banter between Bob and Bernice and is suspicious something is going on between them. Soon Victoria casts her aspersions to panicking Bob and Bernice is furious to overhear Bob, grasping for an excuse, tell Victoria how Bernice is still in love with Liam.

Before long, Victoria checks in on Liam to gauge how he feels about Bernice. But his dishevelled look and Wendy’s handbag on the sofa raises her suspicions.

Before long, Victoria confronts Wendy she knows about her affair and Wendy implores her to keep it a secret. Will Victoria keep schtum and can Wendy call a halt to their affair at the behest of Victoria?

Amelia is angry at Dan for confiscating her phone and laptop. Sarah tries to mediate between Noah and Amelia. A man arrives at the salon, claiming to be a customer, but he watches Amelia with an intense and greedy interest. Soon he blindsides her by revealing he’s Lloyd, her top subscriber to her page. Amelia is perturbed – she thought the subscriber she’d been speaking to was a woman.

Lloyd demands one on one time with a frightened Amelia and traps her inside. Fortunately, Mandy returns but Amelia, once calmer, insists she’s not getting her dad involved. But with Lloyd’s messages continuing to stream in..and a written note from him, Dan is alerted to Amelia’s predicament.

They realise Lloyd knows where they live. Dan intends to take action with the police but distraught Amelia insists she doesn’t want police involvement.

With an engagement party planned Jai still can’t escape his turmoil and oblivious Archie heads out on a secret mission to find his absent grandfather. Will Rishi’s arrival help or make things worse?

Nate is happy to be home with Frankie. But it’s ringing alarm bells for Cain who is convinced his son is hiding something.

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1

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