After recent events Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) looks ahead next week as he sets about returning to work and getting his life together despite his fears after Justin’s acid attack and Daisy’s catfishing.

In an emotional exchange, Ryan opens up to Carla, sharing his realization that the time has come for him to reenter the workforce. However, a deep-seated fear of the public spotlight looms over him, causing a sense of dread. When Daisy attempts to engage in conversation, Ryan’s bitterness takes over as he feigns already being back at the bustling bistro, dismissing her presence altogether.

Driven by his desire to overcome these anxieties, Ryan musters up the courage to visit the bistro in person. Nervously, he approaches Leanne, bearing his vulnerability and expressing his heartfelt wish to return to work. The question remains: Will Leanne extend her support and agreement to his earnest plea? The future of Ryan’s professional journey hangs in the balance, teetering on the edge of uncertainty.

However, when a a customer complains about Ryan’s facial scars, it’s Leanne that leaps to his defence, claiming he’s a hero. Having caught the end of her outburst, Ryan rushes out. 

In a pivotal moment, Leanne assents to Ryan’s request to ease back into the workforce by taking on behind-the-scenes responsibilities, offering him an opportunity to regain his confidence. She suggests that he kick-start his return by tackling the task of securing a new wine contract. Eager to make a favorable impression, Ryan embarks on a daring endeavor during a phone call with the supplier, Rose, employing his charm to negotiate a lucrative deal.

However, a surprising twist awaits Ryan as Rose candidly discloses having perused his social media profiles and casually probes whether he is still unattached romantically. Caught off guard by the unexpected personal inquiry, Ryan finds himself in a state of disarray. Little does he know that Leanne, unaware of his interaction with Rose, expresses her gratitude for his successful deal-making skills and inadvertently reveals that Rose intends to pay a visit.

As Ryan navigates the complex terrain of work and unexpected romantic interests, the dynamics behind the scenes promise an intriguing twist in his journey. Stay tuned to discover how Ryan handles this surprising turn of events and whether his professional pursuits will intertwine with matters of the heart.

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