The bistro is ablaze with excitement as the much-anticipated chilli eating competition takes center stage. Dev, Chesney, and Shona captivate the crowd, fueled by their cheers and encouragement. Amidst the fiery atmosphere, Gemma seizes the opportunity to remind everyone about the importance of giving generously, adding an altruistic touch to the thrilling event.

After the competition, Bernie assumes the role of money counter, meticulously tallying up the donations. The sum reaches an impressive £800, a display of generosity that deeply touches Paul’s heart. Grateful for the overwhelming support, he accepts the substantial amount from Bernie, feeling a surge of emotion at the kindness shown.

However, back at the flat, tensions escalate as Billy and Bernie engage in a heated argument over religion versus the power of crystals. The constant interference and clashing beliefs become too much for Paul to bear, prompting him to storm out in frustration. Seeking solace and an escape from the turmoil, he seeks refuge in a hotel bar, hoping to drown his sorrows.

The morning after brings a harsh awakening for Paul as he wakes up in the hotel room, grappling with a monumental hangover. The dreadful realization hits him when he reaches for his jacket, only to discover that Zac, a blast from his past, has stolen the entire £800 charity money. Consumed by dread, Paul returns home, concocting a tale of passing out on a friend’s sofa, relieving Billy’s worry.

However, when Billy suggests using the charity money for a stairlift and offers to handle it, Paul’s guilt overwhelms him. In a fit of remorse, Paul confesses to Billy, sharing the unfortunate encounter with Zac and how things spiraled out of control while under the influence. Shocked and appalled, Billy faces the daunting challenge of reconciling recent events with their bond of trust.

Will Paul and Billy be able to move forward and mend this relationship during a time when Paul really needs his loved ones? (Pictures: ITV)

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1

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