The week ahead in Emmerdale sees the return of Tracy (Amy Walsh) to Emmerdale and the popular character is back in style, dressed and heading to a wedding.

When Nicola drops a bombshell on Moira and Cain, informing them that Nate, their love child’s father, is en route to the town hall. The couple suspects Nate’s intentions could spell disaster for their family’s future.

Frantic and fearing the worst, the concerned duo springs into action, determined to put a stop to Nate’s seemingly reckless plan. When the couple spot Tracy in a wedding dress the realization hits Moira and Cain – Nate must be coming to stop her wedding.

In an act of decisive bravery, or stupidity, Cain seizes the moment and takes matters into his own hands. Desperate to thwart Nate’s plans, he boldly abducts him, ensuring he never sets foot inside the Registry Office.

Later, back in the village, Nate comes round in the van and is left aghast by what Moira and Cain have done to him.

“When I was back last summer, there were moments that gave a hint that there is still love between them,” Amy teased to Inside Soap Magazine.

“They still had that sexual chemistry, it was teased – so from how they left it back then, it’s not too crazy to think that something might happen between them again…”

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1

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