• Moira and Cain learn from Nicola that Nate is headed to the town hall. Concerned that Nate might do something reckless regarding custody of Frankie, they rush to intervene.
  • Cain and Moira spot Tracy in a wedding dress outside the Registry Office with another man. They deduce that Nate plans to disrupt her wedding.
  • Taking quick action, Cain kidnaps Nate and knocks him out to prevent him from entering. Nate wakes up in shock, realizing what has happened.
  • Meanwhile, Dan believes he has successfully deterred Lloyd and feels positive as Amelia confirms she has blocked his number.
  • However, PC Swirling arrives and informs Dan that Lloyd has filed a complaint about his threats. Swirling warns Dan against taking the law into his own hands.
  • Laurel aims to improve the strained relationship between Rishi and Jai. Jai dismisses the idea, but Rishi remains hopeful for a reconciliation.
  • Having been stopped in their tracks by Victoria the affair is off or so Victoria thinks.. But a meeting of the lovers reveals they are furtively excited to continue their affair.


  • Victor is saddened by Naomi’s financial struggles and subtly suggests she ask Vinny for some of his windfall.
  • Dan expresses his pride in Amelia, who is content and happy that her life is finally heading in the right direction.


  • Dan’s warning to Lloyd seems to have had no effect, as the sinister figure shows up at the church the next day. Amelia is scared, but Lloyd attempts to explain his actions.
  • Dan’s good mood is disrupted when he sees Amelia and Lloyd together. Enraged, he confronts the unapologetic stalker and punches Lloyd.
  • Encouraged by Victor, Naomi is taken aback when Vinny offers to lend her some money, and she ultimately accepts.


  • Naomi is thrilled when she receives the cash from Vinny. Victor suggests she keep the money instead of paying off her debts, tempting her.
  • Later, Naomi is accused of giving Victor free pints, leading to humiliation. Frustrated, she quits her job and storms out. Feeling angry, Naomi confides in her grandad and seriously considers Victor’s suggestion of taking the money and leaving the village.
  • Kim discovers a pregnancy test in the bin. Gabby dismisses her suspicions, but it becomes clear that Dawn is the one who took the test. Billy is overjoyed at the news of Dawn’s pregnancy.


  • Charity and Marlon are annoyed to learn that Ryan has given his girlfriend, Gail, a job in the Woolpack kitchen.
  • Everyone celebrates Dawn’s pregnancy, except for the gloomy Gabby.

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1

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