In a new week of episodes for “Rownd a Rownd,” tensions rise as Elen finds herself caught in a series of crises on Tuesday. From the moment she wakes up, it becomes apparent that this will be a day filled with challenges and unexpected twists.

Elen’s day begins on a sour note when she receives a distressing phone call, alerting her to a family emergency. Rushing to her loved one’s aid, she is confronted with a heartbreaking situation that leaves her emotionally drained and seeking solace. However, her troubles are far from over.

Meanwhile, Mathew, with the support of his close friend Dylan, embarks on a personal mission to clear his name. Over the past few months, Mathew has been plagued by an unknown tormentor who has made his life miserable. Despite the toll it has taken on his well-being, Mathew remains determined to uncover the truth and put an end to the torment once and for all.

With Dylan’s assistance, Mathew begins to connect the dots and follows a trail of clues that leads him closer to the identity of his tormentor. As the puzzle pieces fall into place, Mathew realizes that he might have a chance to finally unveil the person responsible for his suffering.

However, it is on Thursday that the truth is finally revealed. Mathew confronts the individual who has been tormenting him, coming face to face with the person behind his months of trouble. In a pivotal moment, Mathew must make a difficult decision: whether to forgive or not.

This revelation brings a mixture of emotions for Mathew. The torment he has endured has caused immense pain and anguish, but faced with the opportunity for closure, forgiveness becomes a consideration. As he weighs the impact of forgiveness on his own healing and growth, Mathew must confront his own demons and decide the best course of action.

These episodes air from Tuesday 4 July 2023

Rownd a Rownd airs Tuesday and Thursday on S4C at 8.25pm and catch up via BBC Iplayer and Clic.

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