Monday’s episode of Hollyoaks takes a dark turn as Ella, overwhelmed by her emotions, consumes an entire bottle of alcohol in solitude. In her intoxicated state, she stumbles upon Warren at the garage, and sensing her distress, the local gangster tries to lend a helping hand.

On Tuesday, Ella becomes convinced that Warren is her long-lost father. Excitedly, she confides in Leah about her theory, but their conversation is overheard by none other than Ste. Shocked by the revelation, Ste learns that Cindy has abandoned Ella to visit Blackpool. Realizing the magnitude of Ella’s struggles, he offers her some much-needed advice on how to handle the situation with Warren.

As Wednesday dawns, Leah informs her father about Charlie’s manipulative behavior towards Ella. With Cindy still unreachable, he rushes off to confront the bewildered teenager himself, eager to set things straight.

Thursday brings anxiety and concern for Ella’s friends, who are attending the sixth form taster day. Leah grows worried when Ella fails to make an appearance, and confides in Vicky, Freya, and Shing-Lin about the turmoil her friend is currently facing. Recalling the previous incident when Ella went missing and ended up hospitalized, Leah feels compelled to step in. Despite Ella being in everyone’s bad books, it falls upon Leah’s shoulders to assist her estranged friend, who, due to their recent fallout, is not speaking to her. However, Mason plays a crucial role in bringing Ella and Leah together, despite Ella’s initial resistance to accepting help from her well-meaning friend.

On Friday’s episode, Ella’s quest to uncover the truth escalates as she discovers more striking resemblances between herself and Warren. Her growing conviction solidifies her theory that he might indeed be her biological father. The revelation promises to shake up the lives of these intertwined characters in Hollyoaks.

Hollyoaks airs on Channel 4 at 6.30pm followed on E4 at 7pm for a first look

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