In an explosive turn of events, Sienna is plagued with fear as she fears her scheming may be exposed by none other than Ste. Determined to get her hands on the Earls’ fortune, Sienna is willing to go to any lengths, even if it means pretending to be separated from Ethan and kicking him out. But her plans hit a major snag when Ethan expresses his strong opposition to her manipulative tactics.

Sienna finds herself on edge as she confronts Ste, desperately trying to convince him to stay silent about her devious plot that could potentially harm Ethan. However, amidst their heated discussion, Sienna’s attention is diverted when she notices an unfamiliar person entering Rafe’s car.

Immediately suspecting foul play, Sienna takes matters into her own hands and engages in a fierce struggle with the intruder. In the chaos, the stranger is inadvertently pushed to the ground. But what Sienna doesn’t realize is that this encounter holds unexpected connection….

Hollyoaks airs on Channel 4 at 6.30pm followed on E4 at 7pm for a first look

By Eastieoaks

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