In an unexpected twist, Mr McQueen’s highly anticipated summer art class fails to meet the lively expectations of its attendees. Disappointed by the lackluster experience, Vicky and Leah concoct excuses to leave early, eager to find alternative sources of amusement. However, one person decides to remain amidst the mediocrity—Freya.

Meanwhile, in the school yard, Beau intercepts Leah, expressing concern about Ella’s well-being. Worried by Ella’s absence from the sixth form taster sessions, Beau probes Leah for information. Leah discloses how Ella snapped at her, and she has had enough of their strained friendship. Sensing Leah’s frustration, Beau advises her to give Ella some space and support her during this difficult time. He understands that Ella is grappling with numerous unanswered questions.

Hunter, on the other hand, is taken aback when Freya unveils her latest artwork—an eerie depiction of an otherworldly creature, reflecting her own emotional turmoil. Overwhelmed by the intensity of her creation, Freya entrusts the piece to Hunter. Little does she know that her choice will have far-reaching consequences.

Back at Hunter’s home, Nana and John-Paul inadvertently catch wind of Freya’s name as Hunter mentions her. Suddenly, the puzzle pieces fall into place, and they realize that Freya is the same girl who was injured in the tragic minibus accident. Not only that, but her mother met a tragic end at the hands of the notorious Silas.

Intrigued by the revelations, John-Paul urges Hunter to persevere with the art class, recognizing the potential healing it may offer Freya. Through the power of creativity, Freya may find solace and a means to navigate the traumatic events she has endured.

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