Walford is about to be shaken to its core as Lisa Fowler makes a dramatic comeback to the Square alongside her daughter, Peggy. And Lisa’s arrival can only mean one thing – trouble is brewing for Keanu Taylor! Determined to make him pay for his betrayal of Louise, Lisa’s return sets off a chain of events that will leave Walford reeling.

Lisa wastes no time in making her presence felt as she brazenly evades a cab fare, making it clear that money is a pressing issue for her. Seeking solace, she crosses paths with Sonia and is invited in for a coffee. Over their heart-to-heart, Lisa reveals the dire situation in Portugal with Louise, confessing that her daughter has spiraled out of control.

Meanwhile, Sharon is on cloud nine when Keanu offers to book the wedding venue of her dreams, prompting her to hand over a substantial deposit. Little does she know that Lisa’s return threatens to turn her dream day into a nightmare.

Phil’s encounter with Lisa only adds fuel to the fire, as she plans to lie low until the opportune moment to confront Keanu arises. But when Reiss inadvertently spills the beans about Lisa and Peggy’s reappearance, Keanu rushes to see his daughter, determined to make amends. However, he soon discovers that Lisa has some unexpected financial demands in store for him.

As Sharon and Keanu excitedly prepare to introduce Peggy to their son, Albie, Phil is left dumbfounded by Lisa’s audacity in allowing Keanu near their granddaughter. Tensions rise as the stage is set for a clash between two families on opposite sides of a bitter feud.

However, Sharon’s excitement is short-lived when she learns that there has been an issue with Keanu’s bank transfer, resulting in their dream venue slipping through their fingers. Desperate for cash, Keanu turns to Reiss for advice on how to swiftly secure money from Taylor’s Autos.

After a heartwarming visit with Peggy, Keanu musters up the courage to ask Lisa for more time with his daughter. His world is shattered when Lisa lays out her exorbitant financial demands, leaving him devastated. In a bid for salvation, Keanu once again turns to Reiss for help, only to uncover the shocking truth behind Lisa’s desperation for money.

Feeling betrayed by Keanu’s disregard for financial matters, Sharon blindsides him with her mistrust, causing him deep hurt and anger. Determined to protect herself, Sharon remains resolute in her decision, while Keanu resolves to take matters into his own hands to secure his own financial independence.

Meanwhile, a tense conversation with Phil leads him to suspect that Lisa is hiding something of grave importance. Incensed by the amount of time she has spent with Peggy at The Vic, Phil vows to unearth Lisa’s secrets, leaving her rattled and fearing the consequences.

Amidst the mounting chaos, Sonia becomes aware of Reiss’s unease at work and implores him to make the right choice. In a pivotal moment, Reiss seeks out Sharon, armed with vital information that could change everything.

With emotions running high, Lisa finds herself embroiled in a heated confrontation with Phil, Kat, and others who suspect her true intentions. As she storms off, Peggy in tow, Kat urges Phil to involve the police, plunging the situation into even deeper uncertainty.

EastEnders airs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on BBC One at 7.30pm

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