In an upcoming episode of EastEnders, tensions rise as Kathy hatches a plan involving Bobby to infiltrate Rocky’s stag night. Little does she know that Bobby will face rejection from the stags, causing him to seek help from Anna.

Desperate to join in on the fun, Bobby turns to Anna for assistance. She cleverly tricks Rocky into extending an invitation to Bobby, ensuring he won’t miss out on the action. Meanwhile, Ben light-heartedly suggests that Kathy is anticipating a surprise hen party, leading Rocky to approach Elaine for her support.

As the highly anticipated stag and hen night approaches, the atmosphere is electric. The boys are in high spirits, donning fancy dress costumes and ready for mischief. However, Mitch and Harvey have ulterior motives—they aim to get rid of Bobby, Kathy’s spy, so they can enjoy the night without any interruptions. Will their plan succeed?

At The Albert, tensions reach their peak when Elaine unintentionally hurts Kathy with her remarks. Simultaneously, at The Boxing Den, the stags set their mischievous plans in motion. Unfortunately, things take an unexpected turn when Bobby catches onto their scheme, potentially jeopardizing their night.

Later on, the stags gather for a high-stakes poker game organized by Nish. The tension escalates as the bets become increasingly daring. Unable to resist Nish’s provocation, Rocky takes a risky gamble, putting his future happiness on the line.

Will Bobby manage to integrate himself into the stag night? How will Kathy cope with Elaine’s hurtful comments? And what consequences will Rocky face for putting everything at stake?

EastEnders airs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on BBC One at 7.30pm

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