Thursday 6 July 2023 at 13:45 on Channel 5

In the latest episode of Summer Bay shenannigans, things take a dramatic turn as Kahu’s true colors are revealed. Despite Kahu’s charm, Tane remains suspicious of his intentions. Tane’s attempt to spy on Kahu backfires, leading to escalating tensions between them. Realizing he needs a new approach, Tane investigates the business venture he had invested in with Kahu, only to find it empty-handed. It turns out that Kahu has deceived him once again, pushing Tane to his breaking point.

Meanwhile, Rose finally confronts Mali about his recent behavior. She questions why he called her special and expressed a desire to spend time together. Mali, at a loss for words, only manages to make the situation worse. However, a heartfelt apology and a walk through the peaceful pines help them see each other’s perspectives. They decide that trying to be friends might be the best way forward, hoping to salvage their relationship.

At work, Mackenzie relentlessly criticizes Xander, leaving him with no respite. She insists that it’s not her emotional state but Xander’s work ethic that’s in question. In an attempt to navigate the situation, Xander and Felicity devise a strategy for him to keep a low profile. However, after a day of laying low, Xander opens up, showing his vulnerability. This prompts Mackenzie to also reveal some of her own feelings.

In another twist, Remi comes up with a new plan to secure funds for a Lyrik studio recording: a thrilling ‘battle of the bands’ competition. While Remi is enthusiastic about the application process, he finds himself distracted by the supportive presence of Bree. Inspired by his new plan, Remi decides to cancel the tour, avoiding time apart from Bree. However, Bree is upset by his decision to make such a significant sacrifice without consulting her, and she walks out, leaving Remi regretful.

By Eastieoaks

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