Wednesday 5 July 2023 at 13:45 on Channel 5

True to his word, Mali reaches out to Rose, hoping for a response. But when she doesn’t reply, he takes matters into his own hands. Mali shows up at Rose’s doorstep, handing her his work schedule for the upcoming week. With this, Rose now has a convenient way to avoid him. Frustrated by Xander’s interference, Rose confronts him, but he urges her to face the truth – she needs to confront her problems head-on.

Meanwhile, Mackenzie returns to work earlier than expected, much to Mali’s concern. She claims that extreme boredom and the need for a decent cup of coffee have compelled her to stop by. However, she doesn’t mind being dragged into doing some work while she’s there. Taking charge once again, Mackenzie comes down hard on Xander and Felicity, revealing her short temper that hides her grief behind closed doors. Unfortunately, Xander stumbles upon her in this vulnerable state, making things even more difficult for her.

Elsewhere, Justin and Leah delve into the unsettling past of Andrew, who was raised in a controversial cult. They begin researching articles about the doomsday-preppers and the horrors Andrew must have experienced. As they uncover the truth, it becomes clear that the reality is stranger and more dangerous than they could have imagined. Justin and Leah contemplate the responsibility they will bear in helping Andrew through this trauma. Thankfully, Alf offers an encouraging word, reminding them that they have experts and friends who will support them throughout this challenging journey.

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