In the final visit of the week to Fair City, Gwen’s forgetfulness puts her in a tight spot. After a sudden realization, she becomes convinced that she left an important item at the Medical Centre. The stakes are high as Gwen frantically searches for the missing object.

Meanwhile, Dolores becomes the bearer of unexpected news. She presents a joint to both Anna and Gwen, leaving Anna anxious about her job security. This revelation sparks concern for the future of Anna’s employment, causing both Georgie and Gwen to worry about the consequences of Dolores’ actions.

In another part of town, Dearbhla finds herself caught in a confrontation. She confronts Zoe for slut-shaming her to Kelly, standing up for herself in a bold manner. However, things take a turn when Zoe retaliates by threatening to disclose Dearbhla’s intimate encounter with Alex to Gar. This tense situation leaves Kelly feeling insecure, but she reassures Zoe that Alex has no romantic interest in Dearbhla.

As the truth unravels, Alex discovers Zoe’s insinuations about Dearbhla taking advantage of him. Fueled by anger and confusion, he confronts Zoe to set the record straight and address the lies that have been circulating.

Elsewhere, Carol drops a bombshell on Hughie. She reveals that she is seriously considering accepting an offer on the pub. This decision puts Hughie in a difficult position, prompting him to seek advice from Jack regarding the potential sale. With tensions rising and emotions running high, Carol’s choice hangs in the balance.

Also, James notices Hayley’s growing disillusionment with running McCoys, adding to the mounting tension within the community. As Hughie contemplates Carol’s proposition, he encourages her to seek Jack’s opinion, hoping for some clarity in this tough situation.

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