In tonight’s episode of Fair City, Hayley finds herself grappling with a troublesome plumbing crisis at McCoys. The situation adds to her mounting stress, leaving her feeling downhearted. However, a glimmer of hope emerges when James, a close confidant, informs her that her party keg business is thriving. Unfortunately, even this positive news fails to lift her spirits.

Seeking solace and advice, Hayley confides in Hughie and Nora about her need for additional kegs. In a surprising turn of events, they encourage her to put an end to her ongoing feud with Carol, as it might provide the solution she’s been searching for. Recognizing the potential benefits, Hayley contemplates mending fences with her rival.

But that’s not all—Hayley drops a bombshell on Hughie and Nora when she reveals that she has been approached by a pub chain with an offer to buy McCoys. This unexpected turn of events leaves everyone astounded and sets Hayley on a path of introspection. She must now weigh the pros and cons of selling her beloved establishment.

Drawing upon her marketing expertise, Hayley finds herself utilizing her skills to help James with a client. As she taps into her knowledge, Hayley proves once again that she is not only a capable businesswoman but also an invaluable asset to those around her.

Meanwhile, tensions rise in the house as Sash grows increasingly irritated when Gwen unknowingly devours the last of Olivia’s cereal. Sensing the brewing animosity, Anna, who is already on edge, issues a warning to her housemates, expressing her desire to avoid any further conflict.

In an attempt to make amends, Dolores approaches Anna and offers a heartfelt apology for her overreaction. To show her sincerity, Dolores extends an olive branch by offering Anna her job back, hoping to repair their strained relationship.

Elsewhere, Kelly takes it upon herself to encourage Zoe to mend her relationships with Alex and Dearbhla. Realizing the importance of reconciliation, Kelly enlists Dearbhla’s assistance in orchestrating a meeting between Zoe and Alex, hoping to facilitate a much-needed resolution.

Fair City airs at 20:00 on RTE One – catch up on all the Carrigstown drama via RTE Player.

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