In the latest episode of Fair City, tensions rise as Mondo, played by [George MacMahon], implores Kira to disclose her secret plans to Juliet. Will this revelation bring the two closer or drive them further apart?

Meanwhile, in a surprising turn of events, Gar, portrayed by [Shane Quigley Murphy], decides to uplift Joan’s spirits amidst her ongoing turmoil. He presents her with an intriguing backgammon set, hoping it will distract her from the challenges she’s facing. Will this thoughtful gesture succeed in providing the solace Joan desperately needs?

In a shocking twist, Joan stumbles upon a startling truth: Kira’s journey toward becoming a kidney donor involves meeting with a psychologist. How will Joan react to this unexpected development? Will Kira’s decision to seek professional guidance affect their relationship?

Elsewhere, cunning Ruth, devises a cunning plan to deceive Paul. Her scheme involves tricking him into leaving her home unattended. What does Ruth have up her sleeve, and what repercussions will her actions have on their already fragile dynamic?

Moreover, viewers will be thrilled to witness Cass’s long-awaited return from his prison stint. Upon his arrival, Cass wholeheartedly supports Dean’s unorthodox lifestyle of living in a van. Will their camaraderie and shared experiences forge an unbreakable bond between them?

But the drama doesn’t end there! Sharon experiences a sudden and unsettling outburst when Hayley delivers some unexpected news. It seems that Hayley is planning to sell McCoys, much to Sharon’s dismay. How will Sharon cope with this shocking revelation, and will it lead to irreversible consequences?

Fair City airs at 20:00 on RTE One – catch up on all the Carrigstown drama via RTE Player.

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