Coming up in Coronation Street, Adam, played by the talented Sam Robertson, decides it’s time to share some exciting news with the families of the Platt and Barlow clans. He has arranged to gather them together for a momentous announcement, but little does he know that his timing couldn’t be worse.

However, Sarah, portrayed by Tina O’Brien, expresses her concerns to Adam, pointing out that it’s too early in her pregnancy to make it public knowledge.

Sarah believes it’s important to wait until the right time, ensuring the health and happiness of their growing family. But will Adam respect her wishes or let his excitement get the better of him?

As the Platts and Barlows come together, anticipation fills the air. However, the atmosphere quickly deflates when Adam takes the spotlight and announces that he has emerged victorious in a significant court case. The families’ disappointment is palpable, as they were expecting something more significant.

Just as things seem to be heading downhill, a familiar face arrives late to the gathering. Daniel, who was unaware of Adam’s failed announcement, raises a glass and proposes a toast. In a surprising turn of events, he declares it’s to the new baby!

With those words hanging in the air, the question arises: Has the cat been let out of the bag?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1

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