In an upcoming episode of Hollyoaks, tensions rise as Leah, played by Elá-May Demircan, takes matters into her own hands. After witnessing Charlie’s deceitful behavior towards her best friend Ella, she decides to spill the beans to her father, Ste Hay, portrayed by the brilliant Kieron Richardson. Meanwhile, Cindy, portrayed by the stunning Stephanie Waring, remains oblivious to the unfolding drama, leaving Leah’s dad to handle the situation.

As Leah pours her heart out to her dad, Ste, and the ever-supportive Tony Hutchinson, played by the charming Nick Pickard, they quickly realize that the troubled teenager is struggling with anxiety. Worried about their friend, Ste and Tony remind Darren, portrayed by the talented Ashley Taylor Dawson, that making mistakes is part of growing up. They urge him to provide the much-needed guidance that their young friend requires.

However, Darren’s guilt weighs heavily on him as he confesses his feelings of letting the teenager down and failing him. The emotional rollercoaster takes its toll on Darren as he grapples with the repercussions of his actions. Will he find a way to make amends and regain the trust of the anguished teen?

But the drama doesn’t end there. Just as the dust settles, Cindy makes her long-awaited return home. Against Ella’s wishes, Leah opens up to Cindy about the heartache Charlie has inflicted upon her. And in a shocking twist, Leah reveals that there might be more to Ella’s story than meets the eye. Could the enigmatic Warren be Ella’s biological father?

Hollyoaks airs on Channel 4 at 6.30pm followed on E4 at 7pm for a first look

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