After learning a bombshell from Sophie, Ste wastes no time in confronting Sienna about what he has heard. However, Sienna stands her ground and maintains her pretense, claiming that she thought it would be less confusing for her daughter. Will Ste believe her explanation, or will he dig deeper to uncover the truth?

Meanwhile, Sienna coincidentally runs into Rafe in the village, adding an unexpected twist to the storyline. The Lord finds himself in a dilemma, unsure of how to be around Sienna given the way they left things. Can they find a way to reconcile their differences, or is their relationship doomed?

As the conversation progresses, Rafe expresses his need for a framer, unaware of Sienna’s hidden agenda. Seizing the opportunity, Sienna suggests that she knows a good one and offers to accompany Rafe, insisting it will be strictly professional. Will their encounter remain purely business-related, or will their complicated history interfere?

Later on, when Sienna’s behavior becomes increasingly suspicious, Ste decides to pay her a visit at her flat to check on her. Little does he know, he is in for a shock when he discovers Ethan present in the apartment. Sienna desperately tries to come up with excuses to satisfy Ste’s inquiries, but it becomes clear that her motives are far from innocent.

In a bid to divert Ste’s attention, Sienna attempts to buy herself some time, hoping to keep her best friend from seeing the evidence of the couples’ plotting on the whiteboard. Will Sienna’s efforts be successful, or will Ste uncover the secrets hidden behind her charade?

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