In an unexpected turn of events, Grace decides to enlist the help of James, her trusty lawyer. However, when James pays a visit to Grace, he drops a bombshell that leaves her utterly stunned. Cindy, the town’s fiery resident, has shockingly sold the beloved market.

Grace, already behind bars due to a botched plan to rescue her friends’ business, is not just taken aback but genuinely concerned about this news. She realizes that her incarceration might have unintended consequences for her loved ones. In her distress, Grace implores James to investigate Cindy’s mental well-being when he returns to the village.

Eager to assist Grace in securing an early release from prison, James brainstormed a potential trump card that could work in her favor. With this newfound bargaining chip, James hopes to find a way to help Grace navigate her legal troubles swiftly.

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