In an unexpected turn of events, Yazz is devastated to learn that Tom secretly held onto the baby grow he purchased during her pregnancy. This discovery leaves her deeply concerned about the future of their relationship, especially now that she is unable to conceive. Will this revelation drive them apart?

Tensions rise even further when Tom unexpectedly loses his temper with Yazz, accusing her of neglecting Steph’s well-being. Although he quickly apologizes, their relationship takes another hit when Hilton inadvertently overhears Tom expressing his anxieties about Cindy. Will this unintentional revelation further strain their already fragile bond?

To complicate matters, Tom finds himself caught up in a crucial meeting with social services regarding the care of Ella and Hilton while Cindy undergoes treatment at the hospital. Unfortunately, the meeting runs longer than expected, and when Tom finally reaches out to Yazz to pick up the kids, she misses his call. Unbeknownst to Tom, Yazz is engrossed in a carefree water fight with Beau and Hunter, leaving him drenched and frustrated upon discovering her relaxed demeanor outside the pub.

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