These are the moments when it all looks set to come to a head for killer Stephen after months after trying to get his hands on Elaine’s money. The one thing Stephen hadn’t counted on was Tim, Elaine’s son, getting in the way.

In a surprising turn of events on Coronation Street, Elaine finds herself mortified when Audrey attempts to broach the subject of her alleged depression. However, instead of discussing her emotional state, Elaine confides in Audrey about her growing doubts regarding Stephen, her fiancé. To Elaine’s dismay, Audrey reassures her that Stephen’s love for her is unwavering. Little does Elaine know, the truth about Stephen is about to unravel.

Meanwhile, Stephen overhears a distressing story about a potential factory buyer who faces a nightmarish ordeal when his wife’s life insurance refuses to pay out following her tragic suicide. This revelation quietly horrifies Stephen, as he realizes that his own carefully crafted plans are beginning to crumble. In a desperate attempt to conceal his deceit, Stephen crumples up the forged suicide note and conceals it.

Returning home, Elaine confronts Stephen, making it clear that she believes he no longer loves her and suggesting they cancel their wedding. Stephen reels from her words, shocked by the sudden turn of events. However, a chance conversation with Mary gives Stephen an idea that might salvage their relationship. Begging Elaine for another chance, he proposes a romantic getaway to the Peak District. While Elaine begins packing for their trip, Stephen seizes the opportunity to inspect her life insurance policy.

As the couple prepares to depart for their romantic excursion, a family photograph unintentionally reveals to Elaine that the woman she spotted Stephen on a Zoom call with was none other than his ex-wife, Gabrielle. Overwhelmed with alarm, Elaine tries to conceal her unease and continues with their plans. However, her suspicion intensifies, and she confides in Tim about Stephen’s deceitful behavior. Elaine and Tim stumble upon a metal box hidden away by Stephen, containing a shocking discovery—forged life insurance documents. With Elaine out of sight, Tim takes it upon himself to confront Stephen at their flat. The situation quickly escalates into a heated struggle as an enraged Tim declares that their charade is over, and they plan to report Stephen to the police.

In the aftermath of the dramatic events of the previous night, Audrey jumps to a shocking conclusion. She believes that Elaine’s true intention was to eliminate Stephen to claim the insurance money for herself, rather than the other way around. Meanwhile, Craig pays a visit to No. 4 with crucial updates from the hospital, leaving everyone on edge.

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1

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