Wednesday 12 July 2023 at 13:45 on Channel 5

Today on Home and Away, emotions run high as Justin takes on the role of counselor for a distressed Andrew, who yearns to reconnect with his long-lost mother. Meanwhile, Leah becomes a pillar of support for Esther, who has been tirelessly searching for her missing son. While Justin manages to convince Andrew to return home, Esther joins them for a family dinner, but the tension between the estranged mother and child remains palpable.

However, the following morning brings a surprising twist. Andrew undergoes a profound change of heart and confides in Justin, revealing his desire to live with his mother. With mixed feelings of sorrow and hope, Leah and Justin bid Andrew an emotional farewell, acknowledging the complexity of family dynamics.

Elsewhere, Roo has an unexpected surprise in store for Marilyn. A journalist expresses interest in covering Marilyn’s courageous battle against Stunning Organics. Eagerly, Marilyn grants a phone interview, and her spirits soar as she listens to a glowing article praising her as a hero and a resilient Australian. Unfortunately, later on, Marilyn confides in Alf and Roo, troubled by some derogatory comments she received on her brand ambassador page. Roo attempts to lift Marilyn’s spirits and suggests taking a break from social media. However, a chilling voicemail further unnerves Marilyn, as an anonymous caller warns her to “watch her back” along with her friends.

Meanwhile, the standoff between Tane and Kahu continues aboard the houseboat. Tane remains resolute, refusing to leave without his cousin. Finally, Kahu relents and decides to come clean with his mother, seeking a way to make amends. Sensing Kahu’s needs, Tane offers to cover the expenses for his flight back home. Yet, at the last moment, Tane makes a surprising decision to accompany his cousin on the journey. Despite Kahu’s past mistakes, he recognizes the importance of Tane’s unwavering support.

By Eastieoaks

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