In episodes ahead on Hollyoaks, tensions rise as the truth about Cindy’s actions unfolds, leaving Tom devastated and questioning his loyalty to his troubled sister. At Price Slice, Tom is taken aback when he overhears Pearl discussing the sale of the market. Fearing the worst, he hurriedly sets off to uncover the truth.

Meanwhile, Dave attempts to persuade Ethan to join him in a night out to find potential romantic connections. Just as Dave’s luck seems to be turning, he crosses paths with Cindy. In a stroke of luck, he manages to secure a date with her.

When Tom finally catches up with Cindy, she shockingly confesses that she committed fraud by forging his signature and selling the market, leaving them with substantial debt and no profits. Cindy’s unstable mental state further complicates matters as her hurtful words aimed at Tom leave him deeply wounded, leading him to sever ties with his sister.

With the future of the market hanging in the balance, Tom faces an agonizing decision. He must choose whether to report Cindy to the authorities for her fraudulent actions or find another way to save their livelihood.

As Cindy and Dave continue their flirtation, she invites him on a day filled with fun. However, Cindy’s deteriorating mental health takes a toll, and she finds herself losing touch with reality.

Grace, currently behind bars due to a failed scheme intended to save her friend’s business, seeks legal assistance from James. He visits Grace and delivers the shocking news of Cindy’s sale of the market. Stunned by the revelation, Grace’s concern shifts to Cindy’s well-being, prompting her to request James to check on her mental state.

Determined to help Grace expedite her release, James devises a potential bargaining strategy.

In the midst of the chaos, Tom grapples with guilt for not recognizing Cindy’s struggles with bipolar disorder. Tony and Diane arrive to offer support to both Tom and Cindy, but Tony directs his criticism towards Dave for taking Cindy out while she was experiencing an episode.

Tom steps in, reminding everyone that their top priority should be supporting Cindy during this difficult time. Unfortunately, matters take a dark turn at the hospital when Cindy’s mood abruptly shifts.

After a overwhelming day, Lizzie and Sam attempt to uplift Dave’s spirits, but he slips away, revealing a bag of drugs from his pocket.

Meanwhile, Cindy regains consciousness in the hospital, haunted by the absence of her son and struggling to piece together the events. Tom reassures her that she is not to blame for the situation and later attends a meeting with social services regarding the care of Ella and Hilton while Cindy receives treatment.

Later, Tony has a conversation with Dave over a beer, mistakenly assuming that Dave has romantic feelings for Cindy. Recognizing the importance of a strong support system for Cindy, Tony encourages Dave to make it clear that he is there for her.

However, when Dave visits Cindy at the hospital, she is not ready to see him and places the blame for her current predicament on his shoulders. Despite her rejection, Dave assures her that he will be there for her when she is ready to accept his support.

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