In the next week of Hollyoaks, Yazz’s birthday takes an unexpected turn as her relationship with Tom becomes strained following a heated argument with Steph. Determined to salvage their marriage, Tom seeks guidance from Jack, hoping to find a way to mend their troubled bond.

However, when Yazz extends an apology to Peri, she is taken aback when the nurse mentions plans of adoption, despite Yazz previously expressing her unpreparedness for such a step to her husband. This revelation leaves Yazz questioning whether things have just become even more complicated between them.

Meanwhile, Tom, Zain, Jack, and Steph anxiously await Yazz’s return home for a small birthday celebration. To Tom’s surprise, Peri shows up at their door and delivers the heartbreaking news that Yazz will not be joining them. Concerned and confused, Tom sets out to find Yazz and engage in an honest conversation.

During their conversation, Yazz and Tom agree to work together in overcoming their current rough patch. They decide to put their differences aside and commit to supporting one another. However, when Tom returns home, he confides in Zain, revealing his true feelings about the situation.

Hollyoaks continues weeknights on Channel 4 at 6.30pm

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