In a thrilling Hollyoaks episode, Maxine finds herself in a predicament as she covers up for someone. However, when James’ sour mood leads to an outburst towards Lacey, the truth cannot be contained any longer, resulting in a shocking revelation.

James remains fixated on watching videos of Juliet, unable to escape the haunting memories. This obsession eventually leads to a major clash between the McQueens, James, and Ste. Unexpectedly, James and Ste connect on a deeper level as they bond over James’ grief. Will this newfound understanding alter James’ behavior?

Later on, Ste urges James to reconcile with the McQueens despite their ongoing vendetta against him. However, James discovers his office has been vandalized, leaving him furious. Although he refuses to involve the police, he confronts the culprits head-on. James heads to the McQueens and extends an opportunity for them to make amends, but they coldly reject his offer. Nana steps up to provide an alibi for all the McQueen girls. Maxine and Lacey hope to save the day by cleaning up the office, but their efforts prove futile as the memory stick containing James’ video message from Juliet has been destroyed, erasing a significant piece of evidence.

Amidst the chaos, Ste attempts to reason with a distraught James, who opens up about how Juliet was positively influencing his life. However, James remains determined to proceed with his meeting with Rafe, discussing the expansion of his property portfolio. Ste questions James’ motives, skeptical of his choices.

Later, tensions rise as Donna Marie experiences a relapse, leaving everyone shaken. James accuses her of prioritizing herself over Juliet and forcefully ejects her from the flat. Ste clashes with James, sensing that he is spiraling down a destructive path as he vows revenge on the McQueens.

Hollyoaks continues weeknights on Channel 4 at 6.30pm

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