In an upcoming episode of Hollyoaks, John Paul finds himself grappling with the aftermath of a brutal attack. While he hopes to move forward, his family is determined to seek justice on his behalf. The tension between John Paul and his loved ones intensifies as they clash over their differing priorities.

Meanwhile, a surprise phone call sends Mercedes rushing off, consumed by urgency. Seeking support from James, she reveals that Bobby, who has recently suffered a beating at the children’s home, needs help. However, James refuses to assist, citing Bobby’s previous actions against Verity. Mercedes is left to navigate this difficult situation on her own.

Amidst the chaos, Maxine steps in to offer John Paul some much-needed advice. Drawing from her own experience, she shares the relief she felt when Eric was arrested. This guidance prompts John Paul to contemplate a crucial decision, weighing his options carefully.

Seeking clarity, John Paul arranges a meeting with Freya. Anxiously, he expresses concerns about being perceived as hypocritical for involving the police, considering his past involvement in a car crash. However, Freya reminds him that his intentions in the accident were never malicious, unlike those who attacked him. This reassurance helps John Paul find some solace in his pursuit of justice.

Meanwhile, Mercedes receives an unexpected offer of assistance from Lacey, but there’s a catch. Lacey agrees to help, but only if James remains unaware of their collaboration. This secrecy adds an additional layer of complexity to Mercedes’ already tumultuous situation.

Hollyoaks airs weeknights on Channel 4 at 6.30pm

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