In the upcoming week on Hollyoaks, viewers will witness Joel facing both professional and personal challenges. Despite making it to the next stage of the Fire Brigade, Joel is avoiding confronting his recent diabetes diagnosis. However, Leela, always supportive, discloses her plans to rejoin the service and assures Joel that she’ll be there for him during this difficult time.

During a fire extinguisher demonstration, things take an unexpected turn when the extinguishers fail to work. An enraged Leela points fingers at Dillon and Lucas, blaming them for the mishap. Meanwhile, Joel acknowledges the importance of progressing in his new career and accepts the next step in the process.

The following day, Joel expresses concerns about Leela taking on too many responsibilities, including managing the gym and pursuing her own career aspirations. However, Leela surprises Joel by pushing forward his firefighter trial and organizing a delightful picnic in the park, joined by Ste, to celebrate Joel’s potential bright future.

Despite the support he receives, Joel continues to disregard his health issues, causing worry among his loved ones. During the park gathering, Ste confides in Leela about a deleted video involving Juliet, while Sharon urges Joel to confront his condition.

Make sure to tune in to Hollyoaks next week to see how Joel’s journey unfolds and if he will finally address his health concerns before it’s too late!

Hollyoaks continues weeknights on Channel 4 at 6.30pm

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