In an unexpected turn of events, Scarlett finds herself seething with anger over Madonna and Callum’s refusal to return home, and she vents her frustration to Andrew. Despite Andrew’s advice to be patient, Scarlett cannot believe their unwillingness and decides to confront them head-on, storming over to Bernie’s place.

Bernie, hoping to reason with her sister, attempts to bring some sense into the situation. However, tensions flare up once again when Madonna enters the scene. The heated confrontation only serves to deepen the rift between Scarlett and her loved ones.

Back at home, Scarlett turns to Stevie for support, seeking solace in their bond. However, she is taken aback when Stevie admits to siding with Madonna and Callum. Scarlett, refusing to back down, reacts defiantly, further alienating herself from her family.

Meanwhile, Lydia receives devastating news that Andrew has won a prestigious law award, earning him the title of a local hero in the media. Overwhelmed by disappointment, Lydia finds no solace in Amber’s attempts to comfort her. As she comes across newspaper headlines outside The One Stop Shop, Lydia reaches her breaking point and publicly declares that Andrew is not a hero but a rapist.

In a surprising twist, Jessie receives an acceptance letter from an art school in Manchester, offering her a chance to pursue her dreams. Jessie is shocked to discover that Karen and Alex secretly applied for her place on the photography course, highlighting their unwavering support for their daughter.

Caught in a whirlwind of emotions, Jessie confides in Madonna, who is overjoyed to hear about Jessie’s supportive mother. Unfortunately, Madonna cannot reciprocate the sentiment, highlighting the complexities of their own relationship.

Wednesday 12 July 2023 at 22:00 on BBC Scotland

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