In tonight’s episode of River City, Lenny expresses his frustration to Mulvaney about Andrew walking freely in Shieldinch. Lenny admits his desire to fix things for Lydia, but Mulvaney warns him that killing Andrew will only make matters worse for the Murdoch family. Instead, Mulvaney suggests that Lenny outsources the murder, and he proposes himself as the ideal candidate for the job.

Meanwhile, Roisin and Tommy’s relationship encounters an obstacle when Roisin discovers that Andrew will become the new sponsor of the boxing gym. While Tommy views it as a mere business arrangement, Roisin feels that he is betraying Lydia. Tommy defends his decision, emphasizing that his actions are driven by the well-being of the kids and not by choosing sides.

Elsewhere, Dean enthusiastically cleans Bernie’s apartment, catching Madonna’s attention. As Madonna sets up her latest social media review for her followers, Dean becomes captivated by her and compliments her star quality. Delighted by Dean’s praise, Madonna enjoys spending time with him, and it becomes evident that Dean has developed a crush on her.

Monday 17 July 2023 at 22:00 on BBC Scotland

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