In a gripping episode of River City tonight, Karen’s life takes a dramatic turn as she prepares for the outcome of her cancer treatment. Fearing the worst, she decides to create a poignant memory box for her loved ones, Jessie and Alex, as a way to leave something behind just in case.

At the hospital, tension mounts as the consultant delves into complex medical jargon, leaving Karen bewildered and adding to the already stressful situation. The weight of anticipation hangs in the air as Karen struggles to process the news she receives – she’s in remission!

Overjoyed by the good news, the entire family gathers at The Tall Ship to celebrate the new lease of life. The heartfelt moment is shared with Caitlin, Bernie, and Suzie, who have been there through thick and thin. However, amidst the celebration, Alex’s attention is diverted when he receives an unexpected call from Nicole, leaving him conflicted.

Meanwhile, Lenny finds himself reluctantly accepting Maggie’s unwavering support for Lydia, realizing that Maggie may be the one person who truly understands what Lydia is going through. In a subtle move, Maggie decides to help Lydia confront the emotional aftermath of her assault, even though Lydia initially pushes her away.

As Scarlett distances herself from the family, Stevie finds himself overwhelmed by the responsibilities of taking care of Callum and Madonna. Recognizing Stevie’s frustrations, Sam offers a fresh perspective, suggesting that the teenagers may be taking advantage of his good nature. Sam urges Stevie to take a stand and push back.

Wednesday 19 July 2023 at 22:00 on BBC Scotland

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