In tonight’s thrilling episode of Fair City, Hayley drops a bombshell on Sharon that she’s selling McCoys to Carol. However, what Hayley conveniently leaves out is her deceitful plan to con Carol with an inflated price. Tensions rise as Sharon discovers Hayley’s ulterior motives, leaving her absolutely furious.

Meanwhile, Cass has a heart-wrenching realization that Ruth has grown beyond their relationship. The bittersweet moment dawns upon Cass as he acknowledges that Ruth is ready to move on.

However, Ruth’s excitement peaks when she learns that Ruby, a popular girl from school, might become her new babysitter. Ruby’s interview with Paul proves successful as she effortlessly charms him, securing a trial period. But Sean, ever the vigilant observer, senses that Ruby may not be all she appears to be.

Elsewhere, Mondo takes it upon himself to guide Kira through a difficult decision. He advises her that it’s crucial to inform Joan about her change of heart.

Desperate to avoid any hasty actions, Kira pleads with Juliet to hold off on posting anything online until she’s had a chance to make up her mind.

Fair City airs at 20:00 on RTE One – catch up on all the Carrigstown drama via RTE Player.

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