In tonight’s thrilling episode of Fair City, tensions rise as Cass takes the lead in urging Dean to appeal his clamping fine. Determined to recoup his losses, Dean takes drastic measures by slashing prices, causing an unexpected stir in Carrigstown. However, his actions don’t sit well with Paul, who finds himself facing stiff competition.

Will Dean’s desperate attempt to overturn the fine pay off, or will he be left to face the consequences?

Meanwhile, Carol and James find themselves at odds over a significant development that could have a lasting impact on the community. The potential sale of McCoys sparks a heated disagreement between the two. As the stakes rise, Hayley drops a bombshell on James, revealing her decision to sell.

However, James isn’t willing to let go without a fight, urging Hayley to demand more money. With the future of Carrigstown hanging in the balance, Carol becomes increasingly concerned when Hughie delivers the shocking news that Hayley has chosen to sell to a pub chain.

Will Carrigstown lose its heart and soul, or will there be a glimmer of hope for its beloved establishments?

Meanwhile, Juliet finds herself caught up in a web of deceit when Kira receives a job interview offer from a prestigious luxury lifestyle brand. Seizing an opportunity to boost her own image, Juliet shamelessly takes credit for Kira’s accomplishment.

Will Kira uncover Juliet’s treachery, or will she continue to bask in the spotlight stolen by her conniving acquaintance?

Fair City airs at 19:30 on RTE One – catch up on all the Carrigstown drama via RTE Player.

By Eastieoaks

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