In an unexpected turn of events, Victor sets his sights on Claudette, leaving Charles stunned by her flirtatious behavior. The once reserved and composed Claudette seems to be smitten by Victor’s advances, causing quite a stir in their midst.

Amidst the unfolding drama, Manpreet stumbles upon a troubled Charles, visibly weighed down by a deep-seated dilemma. With a grave expression on his face, Charles decides to divulge the long-held secrets of their family history, leaving Manpreet utterly shocked.

As Charles recounts the complex web of interactions between himself, Victor, and Claudette, a startling revelation comes to light. It is revealed that Claudette was once held hostage, leaving her vulnerable and shaken. Overwhelmed by the memories, Charles struggles to hold back his tears, realizing that his father is resorting to his manipulative ways once again.

The following day, a cunning and manipulative Victor employs a tactic of subtle emotional manipulation, sporting a sorrowful expression that tugs at Claudette’s heartstrings. To her horror, Claudette discovers that Charles had deceived her about their supposed mended relationship. Frustration takes over, and she confronts Charles, demanding answers about his association with Victor.

Reluctantly, Charles concedes to Claudette’s demands, begrudgingly agreeing to cease his efforts to distance himself from Victor. However, doubts linger in the air as to whether he will be able to uphold his promise and remain true to his word.

These scenes air from Monday, July 24th, 2023

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1

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