In the upcoming episode of Coronation Street, tensions rise as Adam opens up about his recent struggle with another panic attack. Sharing his troubles with Sarah, he reveals the toll it has taken on him.

Meanwhile, Sarah’s pregnancy journey takes a positive turn as they attend a scan together. The sonographer delivers heartening news, confirming the baby’s good health. To add to the excitement, the sonographer suggests a blood test to determine the baby’s gender.

They also offer a genetic disease test, but both Gail and Adam assure them that their families are free from any hereditary illnesses. However, Adam senses Sarah’s unease and becomes suspicious.

Later, when Daniel curiously questions Adam about the scan, it triggers yet another panic attack. Unable to keep his concerns bottled up any longer, Adam confides in Daniel, revealing that he noticed Sarah’s discomfort during the appointment and admits he still harbors doubts about her trustworthiness. Determined to find the truth, Adam takes matters into his own hands and contacts the clinic, requesting written confirmation of his paternity.

Anxious and apprehensive, Sarah returns home, preparing herself for a potentially life-changing moment. As she enters, she discovers Adam clutching a letter. With bated breath, she watches as he tears it open, only to be met with a smile on his face. Displaying the contents of the letter, Adam reveals the undeniable proof that he is indeed the father.

Overjoyed and relieved, Adam shares the news with Ken and Daniel, announcing his plans for a surprise gender reveal party to celebrate Sarah and their unborn child.

By Eastieoaks

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