In tonight’s explosive episode of Corrie, Stephen and Elaine’s plans to leave for the Peak District take an unexpected turn when a family photo exposes a startling secret. Elaine discovers that the mysterious woman Stephen was talking to on Zoom is none other than his ex-wife, Gabrielle. Concealing her concern, Elaine leaves the scene but begins to unravel Stephen’s suspicious activities with the help of Tim.

Tim and Elaine stumble upon a metal box containing forged life insurance documents, shedding light on Stephen’s deceitful ways. While Elaine is away, Tim bravely confronts Stephen at the flat, determined to put an end to his scheming. Tensions escalate as Tim declares their intentions to report Stephen to the police, leading to a gripping struggle.

Meanwhile, Mary and Isabella clash yet again, but Rita notices Brian’s longing looks towards Mary and realizes that he has feelings for her. Isabella becomes aware of Brian’s attempts to distance himself from her by making plans with her builder in Naples. Brian finally admits his desire for Isabella to leave, but when she breaks down in tears, revealing Brian is her only friend, a difficult decision awaits him.

Aadi, all suited up for his new job, receives a thrilling invitation from Amy to join her at a charity gala that evening. However, when he tries to discuss Dev’s investment plans with Darren, his hopes are dashed as Darren’s main concern is ensuring Aadi’s availability to pick up his wife from an event. Aadi must reluctantly decline Amy’s invitation, but fate has other plans when he ends up spending time with Courtney, leading to unexpected chemistry.

Elsewhere, Max delivers devastating news to Lauren about her father’s 18-year sentence.

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1

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