After Toyah’s (Georgia Taylor) kidnapping in recent Coronation Street episodes, it left Spider (Martin Hancock) with a choice: his girlfriend or his job. Unfortunately for Toyah, Spider couldn’t give her what she wanted, and the couple decided to part ways.

In tonight’s (Wednesday 19) episode, Toyah’s sister Leanne (Jane Danson) urges Spider to speak to her and leave things on a positive note.

Eastieoaks caught up with Martin Hancock ahead of his exit to discuss leaving after a year back in the role.

What do you think has gone wrong between Spider and Toyah?

“Well, life’s gone wrong between them. It’s just circumstance. It’s just bad luck and circumstance, isn’t it? What’s been happening previously inspired his life, and what’s been happening previously in Toyah’s life conspired to bring them down in the end. They are both very committed people, but for now, it’s just not workable.”

Do you think that spider put his job over his relationship, or do you think there was maybe more to it than that?

“I don’t. As far as putting his job over his relationship, I think, yeah, it’s typically Spider S, naive to think that you could be undercover and then stay in the community where you are undercover straight after a case.”I think his desire to be with Toyah and to be back in Weatherfield overrode his good judgment. Maybe he put Toyah before his career, and his career dragged him back in.”

Spider and Toyah have been through a lot, will there always be love between them?

I don’t think it’s the end of the story. I think these two will always have a bit of love there.

Have you enjoyed the more mature role for Spider this time?

“Yes, I’ve enjoyed it. I did experience some longing to portray a slightly more comedic Spider. However, exploring the more serious aspects of Spider’s character was also fulfilling as we had the opportunity to address some profound and weighty issues.

“It wasn’t solely Max’s extremism story; there was also Spider’s backstory, witnessing a friend being fatally attacked. We discussed the importance of protest safety and safeguarding the rights of protestors. There were numerous significant and weighty topics to address.”

Would you consider coming back?

“Yes, of course! I’ve said it the first time I left, the second time around, the third time around, and now, for the fourth time around. I absolutely adore the show. It would be wonderful to witness a wedding between Spider and Toyah at some point.”

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1

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