Thursday 20 July 2023 at 13:45 on Channel 5

In today’s episode of Home and Away, tensions run high between Kirby and Theo after an unfortunate incident at the Battle of the Bands recce. Kirby is left feeling hurt and upset when Theo ghosts her during the event. When they finally meet to talk about it, the atmosphere is tense, and their relationship hangs by a thread. Kirby believes that Theo is prioritizing Andrew and the band over her, while Theo struggles to understand the reason behind her bad mood. As a result, the once-loving couple decides to spend the night apart.

The following morning, Theo approaches Kirby at work and suggests taking a longer break from their relationship. However, instead of considering it, Kirby’s anger reaches its peak, and she firmly tells Theo that they are done for good.

Meanwhile, Kate returns to Salt with a strong desire to talk to Xander. She regrets how things were left between them and seeks a chance to mend their relationship. They share their grief over a common loss, and Kate expresses her gratitude for Xander’s kindness and support to Jamie. Their conversation brings them genuine comfort, reigniting their bond as friends.

In another corner of Summer Bay, Mali returns from visiting his family, and to Rose’s surprise, he receives a call from his sister Elandra. Elandra apologizes for her brother’s actions, which caused issues between them. It turns out that Mali still has feelings for Rose and regrets his mistake. However, Rose stands her ground, stating that Mali had placed her in the “friend zone” and hasn’t shown interest since then.

Despite their apparent attempts to move on, both Mali and Rose can’t help but keep talking about each other. Rose confides in Xander, who, in turn, spills the beans to Mali about Elandra’s interference. Later, when Mali visits Rose, their undeniable connection resurfaces, and they lean in for a kiss. However, their moment is interrupted when an upset Kirby storms in and announces her breakup with Theo.

Additionally, Remi is elated after the Battle of the Bands recce, but he notices that Bree isn’t as engaged. When he discovers that Bree lost a patient that day, Remi feels remorseful for talking too much about the band. They both realize that they come from different worlds, but they agree to be mindful of this fact and are content with the current state of their relationship.

By Eastieoaks

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