Friday 21 July 2023 at 13:45 on Channel 5

In today’s episode of Home and Away, emotions run high as Kirby struggles to cope with her feelings, leading to a potential roadblock for Rose and Mali’s reunion. Amidst this turmoil, a surprise revelation in the band creates tension and raises eyebrows among the group members.

Kirby finds herself drowning in sorrow and seeks solace with Rose. However, her emotions get the better of her when Mali approaches their table. Fueled by her internal struggles, Kirby lashes out at Mali, jeopardizing any chance of reconciliation between him and Rose. As Kirby’s actions create a rift, Rose and Mali’s future hangs in the balance.

Fortunately, things take a hopeful turn as Mali steps up to assist Rose in getting the intoxicated Kirby home. This moment gives them an opportunity to finally talk about their feelings and confront the issues that have been causing tension between them. Will this heart-to-heart conversation bring them closer or push them further apart?

Meanwhile, tensions rise within the band as Remi calls for an urgent meeting. Unaware of the underlying tension between Theo and Kirby, Remi confides in Bree about a surprising decision he has made. Without consulting the other members, Remi has hired a violinist to join them for the Battle of the Bands. This unexpected addition brings a wave of mixed emotions within the group.

When Eden learns that the hired violinist is none other than Mercedes DaSilva, a blast from Lyrik’s past, she becomes furious. The revelation of Mercedes’ involvement triggers intense reactions, raising questions about the band’s unity and their ability to work together harmoniously. Will this unexpected twist put their performance in jeopardy?

Amidst the chaos, Bree and Remi find themselves in romantic bliss. They acknowledge their differences but firmly believe that mutual respect for each other’s interests can overcome any obstacle. However, Bree’s eyebrow raises when she witnesses the arrival of the alluring rock chick Mercedes, who seems to share a strong connection with Remi. Will this new dynamic create additional strain on their blossoming relationship?

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