Home and Away airs Monday 24 – Friday 28 July 2023 at 13:45 on Channel 5


In an exciting twist, Mercedes, with her exceptional violin-playing skills, becomes Lyrik’s secret weapon in their quest to win the Battle of the Bands. As the competition heats up, Rose and Mali find themselves in a challenging situation, and Kirby tries her best to avoid Theo.


Remi desperately tries to convince Mercedes to give his struggling band another chance. Meanwhile, Cash brings home a confidential file about Andrew from the station, piquing Felicity’s curiosity.


Tensions rise as Cash urges Justin to step back and let the task force handle their job. On the other hand, Marilyn’s stand against Stunning Organics takes an unexpected turn when her interview gets published in a national newspaper.


Cash confronts the members of the Vita Nova compound, including the cunning ringleader Margot, who starts to see through their facade. Meanwhile, Kate seeks support from someone who knew her late husband.


A mysterious package addressed to Marilyn arrives from Stunning Organics, raising questions and suspicions. Xander distances himself from Kate’s family, but she unexpectedly shows up at Salt, eager to talk.

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