In tonight’s gripping episode of Fair City, Cass faces a daunting ultimatum from Alex regarding his storytelling prowess. As Cass dreams of appearing on the podcast, Alex sternly warns him to rein in his overly embellished anecdotes. However, Cass, not one to give up easily, attempts to sabotage Ray and Leo’s chances with Alex by persuading them to exaggerate their own stories. But Alex is no fool and quickly sees through the ruse, leaving Cass’s plans in tatters.

Meanwhile, Renee provides some advice to Paul regarding the troublesome Ruby. Renee suggests that Paul should simply fire Ruby without any fuss. However, Paul has different ideas and decides to catch her in the act of some wrongdoing. Curiously, Paul recognizes Eddie but can’t quite put a finger on where he knows him from. As part of his plan, Paul cunningly asks Ruby to babysit Ruth. What could Paul’s scheme be, and will Ruby fall into his trap?

In another corner of Carrigstown, Damien finally faces Maxine about the controversial kiss, warning her to stay away from Mairead. Tensions rise when Damien delivers a shocking revelation to Mairead—their entire savings invested in Rafferty’s build have been lost. This news leaves Mairead utterly furious, struggling to cope with the immense stress.

In a desperate state, the overwhelmed Mairead accidentally knocks down a cyclist, adding to the mounting chaos in her life.

Fair City continues at 19:30, on RTE One – catch up on all the Carrigstown drama via RTE Player.

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