Tonight: Mairead is rattled when she recieves a mysterious message. Paul starts to suspect Ruby might not be the perfect childminder he’d thought. Leo and Ray accidentally spark Cass’s competitive spirit. 

Sean, deeply concerned about Cass’s well-being, finally opens up to Alex about his worries. He fears that Cass is starting to show signs of aging, leading to some emotional moments between the two friends.

Meanwhile, things take an unexpected turn for Alex’s podcast when Cass has a change of heart. The revelation comes when Cass learns that Ray and Leo have agreed to make an appearance on the podcast. How will this decision impact the future of the show?

On the other side of town, Rafferty faces a tough decision as he comes to terms with the unavoidable sale of a significant site. The situation weighs heavily on him, and viewers will be eager to see how he navigates this challenging situation.

Damien finds himself in a moral dilemma as he grapples with how to approach Mairead about a crucial investment matter. The emotional turmoil he experiences becomes even more complicated when Maxine’s guilt starts to consume her after Damien commends her friendship with Mairead.

Adding to the drama, Paul hires Ruby to look after Ruth, but little does he know about the brewing conspiratorial vibes between the two. What could this mean for the future?

The stakes are raised when Dolores, a sharp observer, catches wind of Ruby’s suspicious actions and decides to confront Paul about it. Will Ruby’s cover story hold up against Dolores’ scrutiny?

Fair City continues at 20:30, on RTE One – catch up on all the Carrigstown drama via RTE Player.

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