In Monday’s episode of EastEnders, Keanu finds himself in hot water due to Lisa’s actions. Meanwhile, Martin faces a tough time dealing with Stacey’s cam work, leading to emotional turmoil. On the other hand, Howie steps up to give Kim a much-needed pep talk.


Emotions run high for Martin as he struggles to cope with his feelings. Suki and Kathy up the ante, raising the stakes in a tense situation. At the same time, Kim takes a brave step forward in her journey to help herself.


Stacey receives a disturbing request that leaves her unsettled. Zack offers his sister some valuable advice, trying to be a supportive sibling. Meanwhile, Freddie takes it upon himself to lift the spirits of job-seeker Alfie.


Eve and Stacey join forces to find the answers they seek, leading to intriguing developments. Alfie receives some good news, and he’s determined to prove himself. Additionally, Linda and Sharon find themselves in a situation where they have no choice but to have a serious talk.

EastEnders airs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on BBC One at 7.30pm

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