Next week in EastEnders, tensions run high as Sonia is faced with an emotional rollercoaster, dealing with her feelings towards Debbie and the possibility of an unexpected pregnancy.

The week kicks off with Reiss being called into a client crisis, leaving Sonia disappointed as she’s forced to spend her day off at the hospice. Feeling ignored and unimportant, Sonia’s frustrations start to bubble to the surface. Luckily, Whitney steps in as a supportive friend, urging Sonia to open up to Reiss about her feelings towards Debbie.

As Sonia contemplates sharing her emotions with Reiss, she finds herself facing another unexpected situation – a late period. Worried about the potential of being pregnant, she confides in Whitney, seeking comfort and advice. Will this revelation push Sonia closer to confronting her emotions about Debbie?

In the meantime, Reiss decides it’s time to make amends for his previous insensitivity towards Sonia’s feelings. He attempts to set up a lunch date with her, planning to apologize and show more understanding. However, things take an unexpected turn when he makes a grave mistake while under the influence of alcohol.

Unaware of Sonia’s recent concerns about a possible pregnancy, Reiss recklessly shares his negative views towards the prospect of having children. The timing couldn’t be worse, and this revelation leaves Sonia devastated and unsure about how to proceed. Will she reveal her potential pregnancy to Reiss, or will she keep it to herself while grappling with the complicated situation?

EastEnders airs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on BBC One at 7.30pm

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