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Tensions rise as Peri uncovers a shocking revelation about influencer Rayne’s live stream regarding her ex-boyfriend’s suicide. Peri teams up with Prince to expose Rayne’s deceitful actions, but their mission won’t be easy.

Romeo, however, is unsure about getting involved, but Peri promises to protect Juliet’s brother at all costs. Prince attempts to warn Romeo about Rayne’s manipulative ways, risking his friendship with him. Rayne, feeling cornered, defends herself, claiming that Peri is trying to turn everyone against her. Romeo stands firmly by Rayne’s side, declaring that she is his priority, refusing to listen to anyone else.

Rayne insists that the t-shirt she used in the live stream, supposedly worn by her ex after his passing, was not the genuine one. This revelation adds further complexity to the unfolding drama.

Meanwhile, Ste urges James to mend his relationship with the McQueens, who have been holding a grudge against him. However, James discovers his office has been vandalized, prompting him to seek resolution without involving the police. He decides to confront the McQueens directly, offering them a chance to make amends, but they stubbornly refuse. Nana steps in to provide an alibi for the McQueen girls, complicating matters further.

Maxine and Lacey try to help by cleaning up the office, but they accidentally destroy the memory stick containing James’ video message from Juliet, leaving him devastated.

Ste attempts to comfort a distraught James, who opens up about how Juliet had a positive impact on his life. Despite the turmoil, James remains determined to proceed with his meeting with Rafe, discussing the expansion of his property portfolio. Ste questions his true motives…

Joel makes progress in his journey to become a firefighter. However, he is in denial about his diabetes diagnosis. Leela steps up to support him and reveals her own decision to rejoin the service, vowing to help Joel throughout the process. During a demonstration, a mishap occurs with the fire extinguishers, leading to Leela blaming Dillon and Lucas for the issue. Nevertheless, Joel remains focused on the next steps in his new career path.

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